Check out the table below, which displays the functionality available in each edition so you can choose the one that fits you best.

Product Comparison Table

OneDrive secure connection
Browse files and folders
Open files directly from OneDrive  
Multimedia streaming support  


Fast access to the files shared with you  
Create new folders
Copy files and folders to OneDrive
Copy files and folders from OneDrive
Delete files and folders
Background Uploading to OneDrive  
Schedule Uploads  
OneDrive Recycle Bin support  
Create links to OneDrive folders
Move files and folders within OneDrive  
Downloading a large file in background  
Change folder content type  
Rename files and folders
Rename the "SDExplorer" root folder
Browsing of Windows Live Groups documents    
Drag & drop support
Folder share mode indication  
Support for files up to 300 MB
Support for files up to 10 GB  


Short share links support  
Preferred language selection
Copy shortcuts to selected objects to the Clipboard  
Notification of new version availability
Browsing of public folders and files of other OneDrive users in the guest mode  
Resolving filename conflicts during uploads to OneDrive  
Download a folder as a .zip file  
Edit in Browser
(for Windows Live Office™ documents only)


"Send to" command support  

* Only specific audio and video formats are supported.

** Files larger than 10 GB cannot be uploaded. Files that were splitted into chunks by earlier versions of the SDExplorer, now available in read-only mode only

*** With IE10 or higher installed

What SDExplorer cannot do, and why

SDExplorer cannot synchronize files between the OneDrive online storage and your computer. At least for now.

SDExplorer does not and will not make the mirrored copy of your online documents to local PC(s). Files are located in the cloud storage only, you and only you know when and which data should be copied locally, probably modified and uploaded back to the storage.

SDExplorer works with individual files smaller than 300Mb (Advanced version does not limit the largest file size that can be uploaded to OneDrive, but the file is stored as 2 GB parts). Files larger than 2 GB cannot be uploaded as one solid file.

SDExplorer Advanced now lets you upload files as large as 10GB without splitting a file into chunks.

SDExplorer doesn't support multi-user concurrent work with documents at OneDrive. For instance, while working with SDExplorer several users can open the same file, but only the last version of that file, saved by a user who uploaded it last, will persist in the online storage. The correct team-work with documents with the ability to see changes made by other users in real-time is only possible with native Windows Live formats, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

SDExplorer cannot break the limitations of the OneDrive service: create zero-size files, create subfolders over the 9 levels of nesting, and manage file creation and modification dates.

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